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Building Exterior Solutions has four convenient office locations in major cities across Texas. Our company was founded in 2008 and has recently joined with the Terracon company. Terracon offers a wide range of Facilities, Environmental, Materials Testing and Geotechnical Consulting services. Visit www.terracon.com to view more. Joining forces with Terracon supports our ability to offer our clients full service Facilities Consulting beyond Building Enclosure to include Structural Diagnostics, MEP/Energy Consulting and Performance Modeling, and Facility/Property Condition Assessments on a national coverage basis from over twenty resource locations within the large Terracon footprint.

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Knowledge & Experience

Our experience and extensive knowledge of building envelope systems has allowed BES to provide our clients with successful designs for new buildings and innovative solutions for existing problems for the creation of better building envelopes.

Since Building Exterior Solutions (BES) was established in 2008, we have provided our clients with innovative, comprehensive, and effective building envelope solutions. BES is comprised of industry professionals with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and construction who have specialized knowledge of building envelope systems. The building envelope is systems and components that prevent air and moisture from penetrating the building interior. These systems include: waterproofing (at-grade, below-grade, vertical, etc.), exterior wall cladding (brick masonry, stone, metal wall panels, glass curtain wall, etc.), and roof systems. With our extensive knowledge of building envelopes and their construction, we are able to resolve existing building envelope problems and successfully develop new building envelope designs.

BES is committed to our clients and to the creation of better building envelopes. Our services are specifically developed for each project so that we can provide our clients with the proper solutions to achieve the project goals. BES’s team of specialists utilizes their extensive knowledge in the design, evaluation, analysis, construction, integration, performance, and testing of building envelope systems to provide our clients with innovative solutions for new and existing building envelopes.

Building Solutions

BES believes in a “whole building envelope” approach where each component of the building “skin” is evaluated and integrated with the next. Our approach for each project is developed on an individual basis to achieve our client’s goals and expectations. BES prides itself on a comprehensive approach for the evaluation, analysis, design, observation, and testing of building envelope systems. By analyzing each aspect of the building envelope construction, BES can achieve the proper balance between cost, constructability, and performance for building envelope repair designs or for new construction design.

Existing Construction

For existing buildings, BES provides our clients with forensic evaluations of the as-built construction and existing condition of the building envelope systems. Our evaluations typically include visual observations, analysis, testing, and subsequent repair designs and construction administration services. For our forensic evaluations, BES evaluates the client’s goals and provides a recommended scope for the building envelope evaluation that will best achieve these goals within the client’s budget and schedule. Our services may include, but are not limited to: building envelope history reviews, interviews with building personnel and/or repair/maintenance contractors, maintenance and repair documentation reviews, original construction documentation review, visual surveys, up-close observations, and field testing.

Once BES has completed our forensic evaluation, we prepare a written report which typically includes our findings, observations, conclusions, repair options, recommendations, and opinions of probable repair/replacement construction cost. If necessary, BES will develop a mock-up scope to assist the Owner with evaluating the repair options, as well as, evaluate constructability, cost, performance, and feasibility of the repairs and/or repair options.

Once the Owner has reviewed and determined which repair options to have performed, BES performs design and construction phase services. These design and construction phase services may include, but are not limited to, the design of the repairs/replacements including analysis and calculations, preparation of construction documents, bid assistance and evaluation, submittal and shop drawing review, construction meetings, field mock-up reviews, periodic field observations, review and observation of field testing, responding to unforeseen conditions, payment application review, and project close out.

New Construction

Building envelope system manufacturers are constantly modifying existing and developing new products, in an effort to remain competitive within the construction industry. As these new and modified building envelope systems are introduced, owners, architects, and contractors require the expertise of knowledgeable building envelope consultants to assist with the design and integration of the building envelope systems. For new construction, BES will assist our clients with the design of the building envelope and/or commissioning of the building envelope.

For new construction, BES assists owners/developers, architects, and contractors with the evaluation of the building envelope design and/or the development of a building envelope commissioning program. To ensure that the design is properly implemented and the systems are well integrated, BES typically reviews and evaluates the building envelope systems throughout the design and construction phases of the project. However, BES will also perform single design peer reviews of the building envelope systems for specific projects to meet the client’s needs. During conceptual design, BES assists with the selection of building envelope systems that meet the Owner’s program requirements. Then, we assist the Architect with the development and integration of the building envelope systems through design reviews and/or the development of details and specifications to achieve an integrated building envelope design. During the construction phases of the project, BES will continue to evaluate the building envelope systems to ensure proper performance and integration. We review submittals and shop drawings, attend meetings, review the scope and observe mock-up installation, perform and/or observe field testing, and periodically observe the building envelope construction to ensure the building envelope systems are installed in general accordance with the project documents. Our assistance during the construction phases of a project can also provide support when unforeseen conditions are observed and require a recommended solution.

Our Teams

Our experienced building construction & repair consultants are ready to make a difference on your next commercial project.

Our Services

Our comprehensive building envelope services include everything from design & construction administration to litigation support and beyond.